Hey there, welcome to The Copacetic Coddiwomple!

I’ll bet you’re wondering what the hell that means, huh? Fear not! This site will be full of random words that will sound entirely made up!

Let’s get to know these words shall we? We’ll start with the latter: Coddiwomple. Yes, I promise you this is a real word. Coddiwomple. Coddiwomple. Try saying it out loud. If you’re in public, even better! How did it feel? Do you feel like an idiot? Try it again, confidently this time. Coddiwomple! Now with a British accent. Now southern. Now New York. Coddiwomple! Fun right? Your mouth has probably never moved in that particular pattern before now. It feels good to speak aloud doesn’t it? The ancient Greeks used to regularly read out loud, simply for the enjoyment of hearing the beauty of their own language. As you discover the words in this blog and the eutony therein, don’t forget this. Your language is beautiful.

I digress though. Back to our word at hand. Coddiwomple. (I wonder if you’ll read this definition out loud.)

Coddiwomple: (v.) to travel in a purposeful manner towards a vague destination.

This life, that I have the pleasure of living, has placed me upon a path. I’ve no clue where this path is going, but I’ll travel it with purpose in my step and cheer in my heart until I find that destination. Unless of course it’s not the destination that’s the point, but the path itself. I suppose we will discover this together. Do you see how I like to digress? Onto the former!

Copacetic: (adj.) fine, completely satisfactory, OK.

This journey is grand and adventurous and joyous and heartbreaking! So, I’m choosing to travel along this path knowing that the turmoil and treasure that I discover is simply OK. It’s fine. And I will be satisfied with it. I am so incredibly lucky to have been plopped onto this path of precious possibility, full of moments of serendipity and learning.

Too deep? Do we not know each other well enough yet? I’ve always been slightly dramatic. It keeps things interesting though, and keeps you on your toes. I hope you’ll explore this journey with me. Lets learn some new words, say them aloud to hear their beauty and attempt to use them in complete sentences!

Fear not! Not every post will be a convoluted homage to lost vernacular. There may very well be moments comprised of the spewing of verbiage simply for the sake of releasing it.

I’m happy that you’re here. I’m happy that you’re alive. (Read that again.) And I hope you’re enjoying your own Copacetic Coddiwomple.

Love and Light,




© Lydia Gauthier and The Copacetic Coddiwomple (2018).
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